Urban Planning, Implementation and Property Management

A. Urban Management
Redefining lifestyles and real estate standards in the region involves creating environments that improve people’s lives, incorporating inventive ways of meeting day to day needs and tackling larger more intractable concerns. Urban Management is a way of creating sustainable, attractive, safe and well-managed environments with high levels of urban amenities.

It contributes to sustained property values by providing development certainty for property owners and investors.

B. Institutional Arrangements
Keeping to the initial vision of a development and making sure others respect it is crucial. Through institutional arrangements we create strong governance arrangements within the development. Clearly spelling out everyone’s roles ensures tenants, end users and service providers understand their roles in maintaining the development.
C. Development Certainty

We understand that anyone buying into a development is not only looking at a tangible investment but also the vision behind it. Investors, tenants and the end user all need to be assured that the development will not deviate significantly from what it was intended to be to protect its value. We create a strong planning regime that includes design codes that are enforceable.

D. Sustainability

We understand the long term nature of the business. We understand the importance of maintaining value over the long haul. This is why efficiency, viable returns and environmental impact are factored into the design and ongoing management of our projects. All this is done to create and maintain investor value.